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Ritu Agarwal
DS Chowdhary
Navneet Agarwal
Rajnee .
Jaskran Singh Dhamdra


Objective: To find out the digital dermatoglyphics patterns in patients of head and neck cancer.

Methodology: A total of 75 patients were included in the study compared with control group. Finger and palmar prints were taken from patients making the study group, suffering from head and neck cancer, undergoing treatment in the Mathura Das Mathur Hospital, Jodhpur. Students of first year Dr.Sampurnanand Medical College served as control. The study was conducted from March 2001 to December 2002.

Results: The study reveals that out of 75 patients of head and neck cancer, the percentage of whorls present in thumb, index, middle, ring and little finger was 54%, 46.66%, 28.6%, 54.73%, 17.3% respectively. The percentage of ulnar loops were 42.6, 34.66, 63.3, 44.6, and 80.6 respectively, while the percentage of radial loops was 0.66%, 7.3%, 2%, 0.66%, 0.66% only in respective fingers. The percentage of arch was 2.66%, 11.3%, 6%, absent and 1.3%.

Conclusion: Higher incidence of whorls was found in cases of head and neck malignancies

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Agarwal R, Chowdhary D, Agarwal N, . R, Dhamdra JS. DIGITAL DERMATOGLYPHICS IN HEAD AND NECK CANCER PATIENTS. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Aug. 5 [cited 2023 Mar. 28];25(2). Available from:
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