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Habib ur Rehman
Niamat Ullah
Muhammad Said
Isteraj Khan Shahabi
Hidayat Ullah
Muhammad Saleem


Objective:To know the factors influencing the success rate of myringoplasty. Material and Methods:This descriptive study was conducted at Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, fromJune to December, 2004. Fifty patients of central perforations in the tympanic membrane with dry ears forat least 6 months and no focus of infection in ear, nose, sinuses or throat were included in the study.Twenty-five patients underwent Underlay technique while in 25 patients Onlay technique was carried out. Results:Graft was taken up successfully in 80% (40/50) cases. Success rate was 84% in patients withunderlay technique (21/25) and 76% in patients with onlay technique (19/25). The graft take up rate was83.3% where temporalis fascia (30/36) was used and 71.4% where tragal perichondrium (10/14) was usedas a graft material. The success rate was 100% in cases of traumatic perforation (6/6) and 77.3% inperforation caused by chronic suppurative otitis media{CSOM}(34/44); 87.5% in patients with mediumsized perforation (14/16) and 83.3% in patients with large central perforation (20/24); 71.4% in patientswith sclerotic mastoid (20/28) and 91% with cellular mastoid (20/22); 97.5% in patients with goodEustachian tube function (39/40) and 10% in diseased Eustachian tube (1/10).Conclusion:The success rate of myringoplasty is affected by various factors especially age, nature andsize of perforation, the type of graft used, cellularity of mastoid and good functioning eustachian tube.Graft take up was better in cases of traumatic perforation than the perforation caused by CSOM.

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Rehman H ur, Ullah N, Said M, Shahabi IK, Ullah H, Saleem M. FACTORS INFLUENCING THE SUCCESS RATE OF MYRINGOPLASTY. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Jul. 19 [cited 2024 May 30];21(2). Available from: https://www.jpmi.org.pk/index.php/jpmi/article/view/1148
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