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Muhammad Zafar Majeed Babar
Mirza Ahmad Raza Baig
Hammad Azam
Sheikh Muhammad Azam


Objective: To find out risk factors of heart failure after ST Elevation Myocardial
Infarction (STEMI) and to see the most commonly involved vessels in myocardial
infarction responsible for heart failure.
Methodology: This cross-sectional study was conducted from June 2013 to
November 2013. 225 patients of heart failure (HF) following STEMI who came in
the emergency department of the hospital were included. The selected patients
were followed till the angiography reporting. Statistical analysis was done in
SPSS version 16.
Results: Mean age of patients was 51.42 ±11.78 years. 49.0% patients were
hypertensive, 37.3% patients were diabetic, 44.0% were smokers and 18.2%
had positive family history. In this study, anterior wall MI was predominant and
found in 30.7% patients. 46.7% patients had triple vessel disease (TVD). There
was 33.7% involvement of Left main stem (LMS).
Conclusion: Hypertension and smoking are most common risk factors of heart
failure. The patients who present with heart failure are most who have involvement
of triple vessel coronary artery disease. Left main stem (LMS) is most
commonly involved vessel in these patients.

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Zafar Majeed Babar M, Ahmad Raza Baig M, Azam H, Muhammad Azam S. RISK FACTORS OF HEART FAILURE AFTER MYOCARDIAL IN FARCTION. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2017 Feb. 13 [cited 2024 May 28];31(1). Available from: https://www.jpmi.org.pk/index.php/jpmi/article/view/1976
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Muhammad Zafar Majeed Babar, Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan

Associate Professor of Medicine

Mirza Ahmad Raza Baig, Ch. Pervaiz Elahi Institute of Cardiology Multan

Clinical Perfusionist, Cardiac Surgery Department

Hammad Azam, Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan

Assistant Professor Cardiac Surgery

Sheikh Muhammad Azam, Department of Zoology, University of Education Lahore, Dera Ghazi Khan Campus-Pakistan

Assistant Director Fisheries, Department of Fisheries, Punjab.