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Bushra Rauf
Sadia Ali


Objective: To find out the effectiveness of oral nifedipine as a tocolytic agent
in external cephalic version.
Methodology: This was an observational study carried out in the private clinical
setting of Peshawar Health Center from Nov 15, 2014 till Nov 15, 2015.
It included patients presenting with uncomplicated singleton breech fetuses
between 36 to 41 weeks of period of gestation. All the patients were given a
10mg oral tablet of nifedipine, 15 minutes prior to the procedure. A pre-procedure
ultrasound was done for assessment of fetal parameters, following which
gentle attempt of external cephalic version (ECV) was made. Success of the
procedure in terms of persistent cephalic presentation was recorded as the primary
outcome. Any feto-maternal complications were noted as the secondary
outcomes. A post procedure ultrasound was carried out for fetal reassurance
and confirmation of fetal position.
Results: A total of 58 patients were recruited in this study. Success rate of oral
nifedipine was 77.6%. It was significantly higher (71.1%) in multigravida (p value
0.03) and in patients with flexed breech (84.6%) (p value 0.0001). No significant
association was found with gestational age of the fetus and successful outcome.
Conclusion: Nifedipine is a good choice as tocolytic agent in ECV, with no
maternal or fetal complications and with better outcome in terms of success
of ECV.

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Rauf B, Ali S. EFFECTIVENESS OF NIFEDIPINE IN EXTERNAL CEPHALIC VERSION. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2017 Dec. 9 [cited 2024 Jul. 14];31(4). Available from: https://www.jpmi.org.pk/index.php/jpmi/article/view/2128
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Bushra Rauf, Hayatabad Medical Complex

Associate Professor, Gynaecology & Obstretics (Gynae A Unit) Hayatabad Medical Complex

Sadia Ali, Hayatabad Medical Complex

Senior Registrar , Gynaecology & Obstretics (Gynae B Unit) Haytabad Medical Complex