Incidence and Prevention Of Thresher Injuries in Peshawar

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Samin Arbab
Shahab ud Din


When thresher is used by unskilled personnel wearing loose clothes and at times working in poor light, it can produce serious trauma to the extremities and spine.

During 4 years period (1985-88), 47 cases were admitted. During his period the incidence of thresher injuries has increased from 2% to 7.5% of the total emergency admissions.

The site of injuries were-upper extremity in 28 (59.9%) cases, lower extremity in 17 (36.3%) cases and spine in 2 (4.2%) cases. The type of injuries were Type I in 24 (51%) and type II in 23 (49%) cases.

These injuries were managed in the first stage by debridement and assessed again after 48 hours for definitive treatment. Spinal injuries were managed conservatively. These injuries can be avoided by improving the design of the thresher and proper training for the operators.

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