Review Of 500 Cases Of Herpes Zoster

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Irshad Hakim


During a period of 15 months (July, 1988 to September 1989) 500 cases of herpes zoster were examined in the Dermatology outpatient department of Postgraduate Medical Institute, Peshawar. These cases were reviewed for age and sex incidence, side (right or left) and regional and dermatomal distribution of the eruption. This study that 60% of patient were above the age of 40. Frequency of infection increase until 60 years and then decrease. Overall male to female ratio was approximately 2:1 while in zoster ophthalmic this ratio approached 3:1. Eruption was slightly more common on the right side. Thoracic region was most commonly involved (296 cases) followed by trigeminal and cervical regions while lumbosacral region was the least involved. The overall results of this study are in accordance wit those of others.

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