Gastrointenstinal Bezoars

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Attaullah Jan
Muhammad Arif
Gulalalay Wali Khan


A Bezoar is tightly packed mass foreign material in the gastrointestinal tract of man and animals. The mass may originate from fruit, vegetable matter, hair and other materials that form in GIT. Both human and animal bezoars are known since antiquity. Originally worn as charms and promoted as remedies to prevent diseases, bezoars were also grounded into portions for use as antidotes: hence the origin of word from the Arabic (Badzehr), Persian (Padzahr) and Turkish (Panzehir), root meaning "Counter Poison". In more modern times the presence of bezoar stone found amongst the crown jewels of queen Elizabeth - I not withstanding, the possession of a bezoar is no longer regarded as bestowing magical power of regal statue.

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Jan A, Arif M, Khan GW. Gastrointenstinal Bezoars. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Sep. 20 [cited 2024 Jul. 24];14(2). Available from:
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