Nosocomial Infections as a Major Cause of Sepsis in Admitted neonates

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Azmat Talaat
Brekhna Aurangzeb
Fazlur Rahim


To determine the cause of nosocomial infection in admitted neonates having clinical or bacteriological proven sepsis. A retrospective analysis of 100 neonates admitted to neonatology unit of a teaching hospital, having clinical or bacteriological evidence of sepsis. history and laboratory data was scruitinized to collect relevant information. Out of 100 neonates, 58 were female and 42 were males, 63 patients were preterm and 37 were term infants. 68 patients were delivered at home and 32 were in hospital. in 15 patients, mother had some perinatal infections and in 28 cases mother had prolonged rupture of membranes. In 57 cases, no maternal or neonatal cause of infection was found and these babies acquired nosocomial or hospital acquired infection. Nosocomial infections are very common in our setup. Stringent methods are recommended to improve the basic hygiene of our neonatal units.

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Talaat A, Aurangzeb B, Rahim F. Nosocomial Infections as a Major Cause of Sepsis in Admitted neonates. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Sep. 23 [cited 2024 Jul. 24];17(1). Available from:
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