An Experience of Operating 115 cases of prolapsing haemorrhoids

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Waqar Alam Jan
Azra A. Ghani
Kifayat Khan
Muhammad Ismail Khan
Nisar Ali
Israr .


To assess the safety, cost affectivity and outcome of surgical treatemnt of prolapsing haemorrhoids, in terms of improving the quality of life. This observational, study was conducted in Saidu Teching Hospital Swat, and LRH, Peshawar from April 2000 to January 2003. One hundred and fifteen patients with prolapsing haemorrhoids were included in the study. Patients with 1st degree and 4th degree complicated haemorrhoids were excluded from the study. all the patients were fully evaluated by complete history, clinical examiantion and proctosigmoidoscopy. The male to female ratio was 2.84:1. Teh mean age was 45 years and majorty of the patients were in the 4th and 5th decade of life. the most frequent symptoms were lbeeding and prolapse and the most frequent found haemorrhoids was the left lateral one. All the patients were operated upon by low excision and ligation method. Postoperative complications were bleeding (reactionary) in 2.6% of the patients and secondary haemorrhage in 1.73% of the patients. Surgery should be considered the treatment of choice in cse of prolapsed haemorrhoids, when performed skillfully, having good long term results.

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Jan WA, Ghani AA, Khan K, Khan MI, Ali N, . I. An Experience of Operating 115 cases of prolapsing haemorrhoids. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Sep. 23 [cited 2024 Jun. 23];17(2). Available from:
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