Small Fenestra Stapedotomy

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Hidayatullah Khan
Javed Iqbal Shah
Saeed Ullah
Mohib Ullah Khan
Khalid Asad


To study the results of small fenestra stapedotomy for Otoscleesrosis and the effect on maximum gain in hearing using schuknecht type of Teflon Piston and steel wire prosthesis of size 0.6mm x 4.5mm. A prospective study on twenty cases of otosclerosis was conducted in a period of one year in the department of ENT LRH, Peshawar. All the cases were diagnosed on the basis of clinical, audiological and tymphanometic examiantion. Confirmation of diagnosis was made on tympanometry. Small fenestra stapedotomy and insertion of schuknecht type Teflon piston and steel wire prosthesis done in all the cases. Otosclerosis is one of the few otological ailments which can be effectively managed and rehabilitated by surgery. If cases and prostheses are properly selected and facilities for this delicate surgery are available the results of stapes surgery are acknowledged.

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Khan H, Shah JI, Ullah S, Khan MU, Asad K. Small Fenestra Stapedotomy. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Sep. 28 [cited 2022 May 21];18(2). Available from:
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