Kangroo Mother Care: no More Incubator Care

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Muhammad Ali Jan


Kangroo mother care (KMC) is the concept of rearing a premature or low birth baby in an environment where he can get the basic needs of his early days i.e. the warmth, the nutrition and the close observation for the complications he is prone to, like apnea of prmaturity. KMC has three components. The first is the kangroo position. Once the premature infant has adapted to extrauterine life and is able to breastfeed, he is positioned between the mother's breast or the center of the father's chest, in an upright position. With direct skin to skin contact. The second nutrition in this method of care; infants also may receive preterm formula whenever necessary. The third component is the clinical control infants are monitored on a regular daily basis, until they are gaining at least 20 g per day. 

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