Pterygium and Dry Eye - A clinical study

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Muhammad Saleem
Lal Muhammad
Zia ul Islam


This study was done to evaluate the status of tear film in patients having pterygium and to find any correlation between pterygium and dry eye. A prospective study on the correlation of pterygium and dry eyes was done in the department of Eye DHQ DIKhan from first August 2001 to 31st July 2002. Ach patient had a complete ophthalmological examiantion and all information were recorded in a specially designed proforma. Status of the precorneal tear film, marginal tear film meniscus, tear film break up time (BUT) were noted. Schirmer test was also performed. Patients with decreased teary production are more prone to the damaging effects of UV rays in the sun light. there is a positive correlation between dry eyes and pterygium. Patients with pterygium are having decreased tear production, decreased Tear film break up time and decreased schirmer test value. 

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Saleem M, Muhammad L, Islam Z ul. Pterygium and Dry Eye - A clinical study. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Oct. 6 [cited 2022 Nov. 26];18(4). Available from:
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