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Ain ul Hadi
Zahid Aman
Iram Batool
Mazhar Khan
Shehzad Akbar Khan
Siddique Ahmad
Jamshed Alam Khattak




Material and Methods:






The causes of intestinal obstruction are variable in different parts of the world. Tuberculosis


was the leading cause of dynamic intestinal obstruction in this study.

In this study of 93 cases, 100% patients presented with pain and abdominal distension. Other


symptoms were less frequent. Males were 50 (53.76%) and females 43 (46.24%) with a male to female

ratio of 2:1.72. Tuberculosis (36.55%) was the leading cause of mechanical intestinal obstruction followed

by carcinoma of the large gut (22.58%) and postoperative adhesions (21.51%). Five (5.37%) patients had

obstructed herniae and four (4.31%) had malignancy of the small gut. Three (3.22%) patients were with

Meckle's diverticulum while 2(2.15%) each had appendicular adhesions, intussusception and sigmoid


This case series study was conducted at surgical C unit, of Lady Reading Hospital


Peshawar, Pakistan from July 2006 to June 2007. In this study a total of 93 patients were included; who

underwent exploratory laprotomy. These patients were diagnosed on the basis of clinical history,

examination and radiological findings. After resuscitation, exploratory laprotomy was performed to confirm

the diagnosis and relieve the obstruction. Laprotomy findings were recorded and where necessary specimen

was sent for histopathology for definitive diagnosis.

To investigate the causes of mechanical intestinal obstruction in adults at surgical C unit Lady


Reading Hospital Peshawar.

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