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Muhammad Zakariya Alam
Rahema Aman
Muhammad Hafizullah


Objective: To study the level of awareness among admitted patients about their diseases and the

medications, in a tertiary care hospital.

Material and Methods: Hundred patients admitted in different wards at Lady Reading Hospital-the

major tertiary care center in Peshawar, were interviewed using a structured questionnaire.

Results: Out of 100 patients 91 agreed to be interviewed. The patients' age group ranged from 12-84

years. Back ground education of the patients was such that 75% had received no formal education; 30% of

the patients interviewed were unaware of their diagnosis, 68% were unaware of the causes of their disease,

98% of the patients had investigations done in the hospital, 38% were unaware of the number of

medications they were on, 87% did not know the names of their prescribed medication, 18% knew why they

were taking those medications, 95% patients were non smokers, 100% of the patients were aware that

smoking was bad for health, 60% of the patients had received no information from the doctors/nurses

regarding their illness and treatment, 95% of the patients were incapable of understanding their test


Conclusion: Majority of the patients were aware of their diseases and number of medications in spite of

two third being illiterate. Thirty two percent did not know the causes of their illness and could not name

their medications. Patients received little information from the health carers regarding their illness,

interpretation of investigations and aims of treatment

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