P-glycoprotein in Blood Brain Barrier

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Kulsoom Farhat
Akbar Waheed
Qaisar Mansoor


The endothelial cells of the blood brain barrier prevent the transport of enormous number of substancesinto the brain. An important component of this barrier is the P-glycoprotein (P-gp). It is an efflux proteinthat is ATP dependent and thus rightly called the "traffic ATPase" involved in extrusion of compounds,using the energy of ATP hydrolysis to move the variety of structurally unrelated compounds and preventingtheir accumulation within the brain. Understanding of structure and function of the drug transporterP-gp in the blood brain barrier will pave the way to more tailored and targeted therapies for complex diseases.

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Farhat K, Waheed A, Mansoor Q. P-glycoprotein in Blood Brain Barrier. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2013 Oct. 7 [cited 2022 May 28];27(4). Available from: https://www.jpmi.org.pk/index.php/jpmi/article/view/1513
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Kulsoom Farhat, National University of Sciences & Technology

Dr Kulsoom Farhat, Assist Prof, Army Medical college