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Naeem Ul Haq
Mumtaz Ali
Muhammad Usman
Bakht Zar Khan
Farooq Azam


Objective: To determine the surgical outcome of supratentorial low grade
Methodology: This prospective study was conducted in Department of Neurosurgery
Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar from December 2009 to November
2013. All patients who were operated for supratentorial low grade gliomas
were included in the study while operated patients of infra tentorial gliomas,
high grade gliomas, and other tumors of the brain were excluded from the
study. Patient's age, gender, pre-operative sign and symptoms, location of
glioma, post operative outcome and type of glioma based on histopathology
were recorded on predesigned proforma. Post op follow up was done up to 1
year. All the data was analyzed by SPSS 16 and results were presented in the
form of tables/graphs/charts.
Results: We included 85 patients in this study, males 50(58%) were and females
were 35(41%). Age ranged from 18 to 80 years with mean 49 ±5 years.
Pre-operative Kernofsky performance score (KPS) was 90 in 38(45%) and 80
in 17(20%). On neuroimaging frontal lobe was most commonly involved i.e.
in 44(50%). Based on histopathology astrocytoma grade II was the commonest
and reprted in 34(40%) cases. Gross total resection was done in 29(35%)
patients while subtotal resection in 56(65%). Post-operatively headache and
vomiting improved in 44 (50%) patients and seizures in 47(56%) patients. KPS
improved in 24 (28%) patients while deteriorated in 3(3.5%) patients.
Conclusion: Concious level, Kernofsky performance score, control of seizures
and headache are important parameters for surgical outcome in patients with
low grade gliomas and improved in significant number of our patients.

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Ul Haq N, Ali M, Usman M, Zar Khan B, Azam F. SURGICAL OUTCOME OF SUPRATENTORIAL LOW GRADE GLIOMAS: STUDY OF 85 CASES. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2016 Nov. 26 [cited 2023 Dec. 9];30(4). Available from:
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Naeem Ul Haq

Registrar, Neurosurgery Unit, LRH

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