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Robina Usman
Farzana Khan
Munaza Khattak
Zain ul Abideen


Objective: To find out correlation between vitamin D and hypertension in patients
with cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS).
Methodology: It was a case control study carried out from January to April
2012. Fifty adult patients of CMS and fifty controls were selected in Endocrinology
Unit of Hayatabad Medical complex (HMC) by purposive sampling. Controls
were age and gender matched relatives of patients. CMS patients were
selected by IDF criteria. Waist circumference and blood pressure was recorded.
Fasting blood sugar and lipid profile were assessed. 25-hydroxy vitamin D concentrations in serum were estimated by ELISA in HMC pathology laboratory.
Analysis was done by using SPSS 17. Chi-square test was applied among individuals with different blood pressure and vitamin D2 levels.
Results: Mean systolic BP was 141.82 ±15.16 and 119.84 ±7.20 mmHg in patients
and controls respectively, whereas mean diastolic BP was 88.70 ±6.211
and 75.70 ±5.15mmHg respectively. Vitamin D2 in cases and controls came out
to be 15.03 ±18.11 and 24.11 ±17.05 ng/ml respectively. A significant p value of
<0.05 was obtained suggesting a likely correlation between hypertension and
hypovitaminosis D. Pearson's correlation for systolic BP was r =-0.175, p value
=0.18. For diastolic BP, r =0.194, p = 0.05 (correlation was significant at level
0.05). OR was 5.053 revealing hypovitaminosis D to be a likely risk factor.
Conclusion: Our results suggest that hypertension is likely to be correlated
with hypovitaminosis D.

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