Intermediate Term Follow up of closed Mitral Valvotomies (CMV)

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Parvez Khan
Jalal Khan


59 cases operated for mitral stenosis (MS) from November 1987 till December 1989 were followed up to a mean of 29.6 months + 6.97. 14 patients were lost to follow. Of the remaining 45 patients all turned up at one year follow up, 44 (97.7%) at 2 years and 21 (46.6%) at 3 years follow up. Mean preoperative mitral vlave are (MVA) was 0.85 + 0.22cm, the early post operative MVA 2.01 + 0.48 (P <0.0001) and MVA at mean follow up of 30.8 + 9.8 months was 1.23 + 0.18cm (P<0.0001). Preoperatively 57.6% were in NYHA class II and 42.3% in class III. Post operatively at 1 year, 84.4% were in class II and 15.5% in class III (P<0.0001). At 2 years; 68.2% were in class II and 25% in class III. 4.4% patients were receiving diuretics at 1 year, whereas 9.1% and 28.6% were in diuretics at 2 and 3 years follow up respectively. this study shows that CMV is an effective palliative treatemnt of MS with effective MVA and satisfactory functional class at 2 years, there after restenosis increases. 

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