Sparaxin (Sparfloxacin) in the treatment of clean surgical wounds

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Sajjad Muhammad Khan
Mumtaz Khan
Muzafar ud Din Sadiq
Tariq Jan


fifty patients (average ag 30 years) with clinical diagnosis of hernias(umbilical epigastric inguinal), varicocele, hydrocele and bladder stones were incldued in this trial. Most of these patients have been receiving injectable antibiotics pre,per and post-operatively in surgical B unit of Govt. Lady Reading Hospital, peshawar. Sparaxin was given orally to all htese patients instead, both pre and post operatively. A loading dose of 300mg was tgiven to all these patients on pre-operative night and then 100 mg tab was given at night on zero post operative day and 100mg twice daily from 1st post op day for three days. Ten percent patients developed pyrexia of 100F on 1st postoperative day without any clinical evidence of wound infection. Patient compliance was good and drug was well tolerated.

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Khan SM, Khan M, Sadiq M ud D, Jan T. Sparaxin (Sparfloxacin) in the treatment of clean surgical wounds. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Sep. 12 [cited 2024 Jul. 13];13(2). Available from:
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