Pregnancy induced Hypertension - Maternal and Feotal Outcome

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Naeema Utman
Shamim S. Majid
Nasreen Ruby


This was a study conducted in Gynae B unit LRH from 01/01/1993 to 31/12/1993. Total number of admission during this period were 14147 and total number of obstetrical admissions were 4933. total number of deliveries were 3169 and total number of maternal deaths were 52. Number of pre-eclampsia were 279 and eclampsia were 71. Out of these 86% were admitted as emergency cases and only 14%  were booked patients. the common group affected were primigravida, which accounted for 149 cases (42.5%). Majority of the cases were with gestation age between 37 and 40 weeks (62.8%). Lowere class accounted for 242 cases (69.1%). Mild hypertension occured in 228 cases (65.1%) while 122 patients were received with severe hypertension. The common presenting symptoms were hypertension, odema and proteinuria (39.7%). prenatal eclampsia occured in 36  patients (50.7%). Majority of them having fits at the time of admission. The common complication of pre-eclampsia / eclampsia were abruptio placenta (5.2%), Hellp syndrome (4.5%) PPH (3.14%). Retinal hemorrhage (2.1%) CVA (1.4%) renal failure (1.1%) and DIC (0.8%). Death from pre-eclampsia and eclampsia were 16 and common causes for death were cardiac arrest (37.5%) and CVA (18.2%). Perinatal mortality was (14.8%).

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Utman N, Majid SS, Ruby N. Pregnancy induced Hypertension - Maternal and Feotal Outcome. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Sep. 15 [cited 2023 Mar. 28];14(1). Available from:
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