Hospital Acquired Infection - What do we understand about it?

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Jawad Ahmed


Hospital acquired infection (HAI) or nonocomial infection has been described as an infection not present or incubating at the time of admission to a hospital but acquired during a stay in the hsopital or in a period following a hospital stay. The center for disease control and prevention has classified infections as: Community acquired an infection occuring int eh community and manifests on admission to the hospital; Hospital acquired - in infection originated in the hospital and deemed to be related to the current hosptial admission: or ICU acquired - an infection having orignated in the ICU. About one in ten patients in acute hospital at any one time has an infection acquired after admission to hospital. infections acquired in hospital are likely to complicate illness, cause discomfort and anxiety and can lead to death. Resources are required to implement control programmes and to diagnose and treat patients suffering from hospital acquired infections.

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