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Abdur Rehman Khan
Arshad Javaid
Mohammad Ejaz


Objective:To evaluate the diagnostic yield of CT guided percutaneous cutting needle biopsy (CNB) of

lung lesions.

Material and Methods: Our study was a descriptive study including 63 patients who

underwent CT guided percutaneous core needle (cutting needle) biopsy of lung lesions. Of the total

sampling, only 53 cases were followed up. Samples taken were preserved in formalin bottle and sent for

histopathology. CT scan at the level of the biopsy was taken immediately after the procedure when patient

was still on CT table. X-ray chest in erect position was taken after 04 hours to look for development of

pneumothorax. Hemoptysis and pneumothorax were recorded. Other complications were also noted.

Results: Out of these 53 cases, histopathology showed 32 (60.4%) cases to be malignant, 17 (32.1%)

cases benign and 4 (7.5%) cases being non-representative. The histological diagnostic yield (number of

correct diagnosis obtained at CNB/number of definitive diagnosis) of this procedure was found to be

92.45% (49/53). Pneumothorax occurred in 1 out 53 (1.9%) and hemoptysis in 4 of 53 (7.45%). There was

no major complication like hemodynamic instability or death.

Conclusion: CT guided percutaneous CNB of the lung lesions is an accurate procedure for a specific

histological diagnosis and has a low rate of complications.

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Khan AR, Javaid A, Ejaz M. PERCUTANEOUS CT GUIDED CUTTING NEEDLE BIOPSY OF LUNG LESIONS. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Jul. 19 [cited 2024 Jul. 17];21(2). Available from:
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