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Malik Javed Iqbal
Muhammad Inam
Mumtaz Khan


Objective: To evaluate the cost effectiveness of bilateral simultaneous knee arthroplasty in experienced hands.

Material and Methods: This descriptive study was done in the Shotley Bridge General Hospital county Durham England from 2000-2003 on 26 patients undergoing bilateral simultaneous knee arthroplasty. Patients were randomized in two equal groups. Group A included 13 patients and had staged knee arthoplasty i.e. they had the same procedure in two hospital admissions under different anesthetic session. Group B comprised of 13 patients, underwent simultaneous knee arthroplasty. Same type of knee prosthesis

was used in all cases and were operated by same surgeon in same institution.

Results: In group A, 9 (69.2%) patients had osteoarthritis and 4 (30.8%) had rheumatoid arthritis while in group B twelve patients had osteoarthritis and one had rheumatoid arthritis. Only one patient had transient ischemic attack in group A while there was one case of deep vein thrombosis in group B. Average hospital stay for both groups was 15 days. The average cost for group A was Sterling £ 8950/- (Rs.1163500/-) and for group B was Sterling £ 5265/-(Rs.684450/-).

Conclusion: This study shows that bilateral simultaneous arthroplasty is cost effective in experienced hands and do not have increased rate of complications.

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Iqbal MJ, Inam M, Khan M. COST EFFECTIVENESS OF BILATERAL SIMULTANEOUS VERSUS STAGED KNEE ARTHROPLASTIES. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Aug. 12 [cited 2024 Jun. 23];22(3). Available from:
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